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Learned to Handstand with Muscle Squadron's Parallettes.
One of the best Paralletes that I used. Learned to handstand with it.
Kirsten Varela
Kirsten Varela
Founder of Elysium Calipark
MSQ Makes the Perfect Parallettes for Athletes.
The first parallettes we used at Musclebar Pune were from MSQ and they were simply perfect. The best part about the brand is that the products are made by those who understand the sport, and that's why their stuff meets the quality expectations of an athlete.
Murtaza nasir Muscle Squadron Testimony from MuscleBar Pune
Murtaza Nasir
Co-Founder of Musclebar Pune
Muscle Squadron is My All-Time Favorite for Calisthenics Gear.
I have already used parallettes, chalk and wrist band from Muscle Squadron.......and all are effective and efficient I actually liked the unique stamping of MSQ, design and work of the wrist band and chalk is superb... Î have tried many companies but MSQ is my all time favourite.... I actually loved it.
Aman Bisht
3 X National Champion
MSQ Calisthenics Gear is Elite Quality Made for Athletes.
MSQ is one of the elite calisthenics equipment brand in India. I've been using MSQ Chalk, Wristband, and Parallettes for a couple of years now. The quality and life of the product are so good. MSQ is made for athletes and Made by Athletes.
Giri Prakash Testimony about Muscle Squadron MSQ from the founder of Taarzan Academy
Giri Prakash
Founder of Taarzan Academy

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